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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Middle School CBC Character Posters

Just a Few of the finished covers and character designs!

Middle School Comic Book Club

The last two weeks of CBC the students have been working to complete their tye-dyed shirts and comic book posters.

A lot of hard work but we still had fun times. 

Monday, March 16, 2015

Color Theory & 1pt. Perspective

Who knew learning how to draw a shape in one point perspective could lead to beautiful works of abstract art?
Concepts Covered:
Low Relief Sculpture
Variety of Color Schemes
1 point Perspective 

This year's 9 week sculpture class has been learning about color schemes and one point perspective. We started off by reviewing primary vs. secondary colors and color mixing.  From there we learned that when we combine colors together into groups, we are creating a color scheme.

Color Schemes we focused on:
screenshot from color scheme powerpoint
We practiced drawing assorted shapes in groups using one point perspective.  
Each group had to use 7-11 shapes
Each group had its own vanishing point and horizon line
Each group was then colored in using a different color scheme
5 groups of shapes= 5 different color schemes

2 student examples of practice pages
Once they created all five groups, the students selected their favorite color scheme.  With their favorite color scheme in mind, they began to raid my magazine drawers for pages and ads that had samples of their needed colors.  The end result...a lot of paper scraps on the floor.
The magazine pages were then cut into strips or circles (the student's choice) to add texture and color to their backgrounds.
Then using cardboard as their "canvas" the students drew their favorite arrangement of shapes in one point perspective.  Cut out the shape arrangement. Then cardboard shapes were painted with colors from their selected color schemes.  

Examples of Cool Color Scheme and Analogous Color Schemes
Example of Primary Color Scheme

Despite all the snow days and the crazy testing schedule the students were able to create beautiful and eye catching works of abstract art.
The classroom mascot and my teacher's exemplar of the project.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Art Room Sinks!

I think after 3 years in this classroom, I have finally figured out a system that works for both myself and my students when it comes to keeping the art room sinks clean!

Everything from the paintbrushes to the paint rags has a place to be...and if the students don't remember hopefully the signs will help...wishful thinking :)

Monday, October 13, 2014

Group Critique Day!

Level 1 Arts Majors

The students are about 1/3rd of the way done with their self-portraits, inspired by Chuck Close and his amazing grids.  

We are working to not only increase our art skills but our art vocabulary too!

When talking about another student's artwork, students were to use their art terms (i.e. shading, value, texture, contrast, line, etc.) to talk the positives that they saw and the areas that could be improved upon with more work.  

All About That Mood Lighting!!!

Level 2 Art Majors
Before we started working on our final still life drawings of the quarter the students had two days to create a few practice drawings with the charcoal.  These practice days are built in to allow the students time to experiment with the new materials and see what techniques they prefer to use when working with this very messy material.
3 still life arrangements were set up with intense dramatic lighting, for all the students to see the shadows and highlights a little easier (their personal still life arrangements will also have a dramatic spot light as well).  

They started by marking in the basic shapes of their still life drawings then began creating detail with the black and white charcoal. 

The glass and ceramic still life.

Mixed Metals Still Life

Themed Still Life- Nautical

2nd Grade Color Wheels

For our second project of the school year second grade is learning about the primary and secondary colors using paint!!!
We had a very exciting class experimenting with mixing our primary (red, yellow, blue) colors to create the 3 secondary colors (orange, green, and purple).  Cleaning our brushes and placing our artwork on a drying rack were also new concepts covered this class.

Scrub! Scrap, Scrap! To clean our brushes.

Who knew box lids made such great paint trays?

Wipping off the extra water in the brush bristols.